2018 Kubota RTV-XG850 Sidekick General Purpose


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When the great outdoors calls, jump into your Sidekick and hit the gas. The Sidekick’s powerful 48 HP gasoline engine gives you speed to get there fast, up to 40 mph fast. And with impressive acceleration and torque, you’ll take on every big hill and destination with absolute confidence. It’s the confidence you get with an exceptionally balanced multipurpose utility vehicle.

Features may include:


Sidekick的快速加速和高运输速度 - 高达40英里/小时 - 来自强大的48 HP汽油发动机。空闲速度控制(ISC)和高地校正可确保任何情况的稳定功率。这种坚固的水冷发动机配备了CVT-Plus变速器,提供了足够的扭矩,用于惊人的快速和平稳的加速度。




Light at low speed and firm at high speed, the Sidekick’s speed sensitive 45A EPS (electric power steering) offers exceptional steering control, improving not only handling, but also stability. Standard on all RTV-XG850 series models, the EPS ensures outstanding performance even during full payloads.






The Sidekick really shines when you’ve got a big job to do. Its heavy-duty steel cargo box can carry up to 15.2 cubic feet or half a ton (1,000 lbs.) of tools, firewood, gear and supplies. Plus, with a seriously smooth suspension and extra ground clearance, the Sidekick won’t bottom out. So go ahead, load it up!

选择全职4WD - Sidekick

The selectable full-time 4WD system ensures outstanding traveling performance, even under heavy loads, providing superior traction. The 4WD system can easily be turned off when 2WD is enough for current driving conditions.


The smart new Digital Panel alerts you to all major vehicle functions with seat belt, parking brake alarms, overheating and intermediate gear control indicators. The modern, white LCD display provides excellent visibility at all times. Designed to match the bold style of the Sidekick, the ergonomic steering wheel can be adjusted to fit your posture for easier handling and greater comfort.


Let your Sidekick lead the way with cutting-edge LED headlights that offer improved illumination for outstanding visibility. Optional LED available for four LED lights for even greater visibility. Charge your phone or other electronic device on the go with convenient DC outlet, or use optional lighting equipment when out in the field as well.

  • 2018
  • Kubota
  • RTV-XG850 Sidekick通用
  • Base
  • Utility
  • 2-cylinders, 4-cycle, Gas, DOHC
  • 851 CC.
  • 48.3 HP (36 kW) / 5,750 rpm
  • Liquid
  • CVT PLUS (CVT with centrifugal clutch)
  • Range Forward
  • Range Forward
  • Neutral
  • Reverse
  • 4WD
  • Limited-slip differential
  • 脚操作差动锁
  • 转向速度敏感电力转向
  • Independent, Dual A-arms with adjustable spring preload | Travel: 9 in (229 mm)
  • 独立于跳跃线圈|旅行:8.5英寸(216毫米)
  • Front / Rear: 4-wheel hydraulic disc brake
  • Rear wheel, hand operated
  • ATV:25 x 10-12,6-PLY |HDWS:25 x 10-12,6-PLY
  • ATV:25 x 10-12,6-PLY |HDWS:25 x 10-12,6-PLY
  • 56啊,650 CCA
  • 最大。旅行:0-40英里/小时(0-64.4 km / h)
  • Sound rating at operator's ear at max rpm: 89.8db.
  • Front tread centers: 52 in (1,320 mm) | Rear tread centers: 52 in (1,320 mm)
  • 锋利:9.8 in(249 mm)|后部:9.9 in(249 mm)
  • 117 in (2,973 mm) | Cargo Bed: 57.5 in (1,465 mm)
  • 63.2 in (1,605 mm) Cargo Bed: 40.5 in (1,030 mm)
  • 11.4 in (290 mm)
  • 79.5英寸(2,020毫米)
  • 80.5 in (2,045 mm)
  • 13.1 ft (4.0 m)
  • 2
  • 平:2,000磅(907.2千克)/斜坡:1,550磅(703千克)
  • 1,435英寸(651千克)
  • 15.2 cu. F (0.43 m3)
  • Bed Load: 1,000 (454)
  • Tank: 8.64 US gal (32.7 L)
  • 干:1,761磅(799千克)
  • Body Color: Orange | Dumping System: Manual
  • LED(高低)带2个反射器
  • 运维、管状结构开销:2.0英寸(50.8毫米)| Cargo Bed Material: steel
  • Belts: 3-point
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  • Additional fees and/or duties may apply to International and non-continental US shipping requests.
  • Charlotte
  • 2018
  • Kubota
  • RTV-XG850 Sidekick通用
  • CVT PLUS (CVT with centrifugal clutch)
  • Tank: 8.64 US gal (32.7 L)
  • Available
  • 63.2 in (1,605 mm) Cargo Bed: 40.5 in (1,030 mm)